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Lemur losing connection

David Oct 11, 2015 01:28PM CEST

Lemur running in iPad loses connection with PC after some time, usually after 5-10 minutes but sometimes sooner.
I've checked the forums and realized similar issues happen to other users too. Also i've read the KB articles listed at, but found no solution yet.

PC Setup:
Windows 7 Home 64 bit fully updated
LoopMIDI configured for Lemur (following directions on your website)
Most recent versions of Lemur Daemon & Editor
Ableton Live, NI Reaktor

iPad setup:
I recently updated to iOS 9.0.2 but the issue persists

I tried:
connecting via router;
connecting via ad-hoc WLAN (configured with the native tool in Windows 7);
connecting via WLAN AP running on an Android smartphone;
connecting via ad-hoc WLAN (configured with Connectify Hotspot).

In all cases i was able to connect and use Lemur for a while but at some point communication with the PC stops. The counters in LoopMIDI's window also show no new traffic when i interact with Lemur on the iPad.
To restore connection, i can toggle the iPad's wifi off and then back on without closing the Lemur app, and things are working again, although this is certainly not acceptable for stage or studio work.

Wireless signal can't be blamed, all devices are positioned on the same table, without obstacles. Also when i use TouchOSC it works reliably.

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Liine Support Oct 12, 2015 12:18PM CEST Liine Agent
When the connection is broken, please look at the Lemur settings page. Are the MIDI ports red, grey or black?
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DAVID Oct 14, 2015 12:30AM CEST
The connections show in black.
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Liine Support Oct 19, 2015 12:48PM CEST Liine Agent
If the connections are black, this means that the Lemur app is still communicating with the Daemon on the computer. This would indicate, although it's highly unsual, that communication between the Daemon and loopMIDI is perhaps getting interrupted. Could you try an alternative such as loopBe and see if the same thing happens?
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David Oct 22, 2015 01:36AM CEST
I am trying the local pipe option in MIDI over LAN and i see some improvement. The connection breaks only from PC to Lemur and less frequently than it used to happen with LoopMIDI; for example after moving a knob in Live or loading a snapshot in Reaktor, Lemur suddenly stops handling incoming data, losing bidirectional control.
The link seems to persist well in the other direction: Lemur interactions are properly detected in Live/Reaktor so far.

Also when working with the editor, starting a connection with Lemur sometimes is not working (the list of reachable Lemurs is empty). In this case the same workaround does the job (restart Lemur app or iPad's wifi).
This happens typically (but not always) when re-connecting to Lemur from the editor, after a previously established communication ended, like after closing Reaktor or a previous editor session.

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