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Livecontrol2 Slow Scrolling

davide bruzzi Sep 10, 2013 12:07PM CEST

I found that scrolling through tracks in the Launch Page is quite slow - it takes a lot of time to redraw the tracks and clips if you go from track 1 to track 16 in one move.

If I have one or more Lemur-balls bouncing around in the modulation tab, the scrolling is even slower.

This seems to get worse with time, and sometimes the scroll bars gest stuck, so I have to change page and come back to Launch page hoping to regain control over the scrolling.

I have been using TouchOSC/LiveControl1 in live situations for a for quite a while now, and I was hoping for improvement with LC2 : it's surely more powerful and beautiful, but because of this problem I find it quite hard to plan a live performance with my 45€ Lemur/LC2 setup over the "old" 5€ LiveControl/TouchOSC setup.

- Some details :

I bought Lemur yesterday evening and on-the-fly installed it with LC2 on my MBPro Retina ( i5, 8Gb RAM, SSD Disk, OSX Mountain Lion ) and Ipad Mini ( IOS 6.1 updated recently ).

I fired up one of my usual Live 8 sets, which consists in 12 to 20 tracks, each with few audio clips
or some instrument, and a few simple FX devices.

I started twaeking around with great joy as Lemur/LC2 is really beautiful and inspirational but my smile started to fade a bit as I realized that "slow redraw/scrolling" problem.

I tried both with an adhoc network and with my local wireless LAN, with little luck, and verified I had Ipad bluetooth turned off.
I also have a network session with midiclock going on, as I play improvised electronic stuff with a live-jamming band ( 2 guitars, 2 laptops, bass keys sax and voice ) and have to keep everyone in sync for 20-30 mn.

Thanks in advance for your help :-)


( some sounds from the band : here is a reharsal recording made with old setup TouchOSC/LiveControl1 )

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DAVIDE BRUZZI Sep 13, 2013 04:25PM CEST

I hope this is the correct place to keep posting this problem, as I found many posts in the forum complaining about clips page latency and scroll bars freezing - please feel free to move this in LC2 support if it suits better.

I made some more tests about network connectivity, this time I've been careful in turning off any midi clock or midi timecode that might have been disturbing Lemur/LC2 wireless communication.

I found no improvement yet, I still cannot scroll from tracks 1-8 to tracks 16-24 and back without noticeable lag.

At this very moment ( Sep 13th 2013) the 44€ Lemur+LC2 association is totally blown away by some 25€ contender app, in terms of ease of use, sheed speed and immediate touch-access to your Live set.

Considering speed demonstrated by contender apps, the problem seems to be researched not in my hardware platform ( IPad Mini + MBPro ) but in code optimization.

I was also reading about how other apps are handling tracks an clips names: if I understood correctly Griid was caching all this in order to allow for smooth live operation, while LiveControl 2 seems to have to request data over the network each time.

Now, while I can't deny Lemur is powerful, beautiful, incredibly customisable and simply awe-inspiring, LC2 is at the moment very disappointing.

Anyway, this seems to be a widely known problem, with tracks/clips data caching and some code optimization as a possible solution, and we all know Liine to be really capable developers, so I am quite confident that the issue can be corrected in a future Lemur/LC2 update.
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Liine Support Sep 18, 2013 11:16AM CEST Liine Agent
Hi Davide,

Thank you for the feedback. We're aware of the issues and we're looking at ways to improve responsivity. LiveControl 2 is much more intense on the system than LiveControl 1, due to the numerous tempo-synced effects and modulation possibilities. Using hardware such as iConnect MIDI can offer some improvement in the meantime. I can not promise a release date for an update, but I can assure you this is a high priority.

Best regards,

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DAVIDE BRUZZI Sep 24, 2013 11:58AM CEST
Hi Nicolas
Thanks for your answer, I understand LC2 must be quite complicated to tweak and improve, and that at the moment there are little promises that can be done about future updates and release dates.
Anyway, looking at the wonderful work made with the LC1/TouchOSC ( that I still love and I'm still using and loving on my IPodTouch ), I am quite confident LC2 on Lemur will become a really beautiful and consistent Live-controlling interface. I'm really looking forward to see its future evolution.
Best regards
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Liine Support Sep 24, 2013 12:26PM CEST Liine Agent
Thanks for your kind words Davide. It's always very helpful to hear direct feedback, and we continually strive to offer better tools.

Kind regards,

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