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Bugs on Android and Windows

Tom Boughner May 08, 2018 07:54PM CEST


I have really gotten into programming my own Lemur surfaces lately, and love the flexibility it provides. However, I am running into a lot of issues, both on my Android Pixel C tablet, and with the editor for Windows. I know Lemur was originally developed for Mac/IPad, so I hope these are just kinks to be worked out on the newer platforms. Here are the main issues I have noticed, in descending order of severity:
1- Lemur often crashes on my tablet if the screen is turned off, either manually, or due to a timeout. The tablet will appear to not turn back on, then eventually, I get a popup that Lemur has stopped responding. This happens about 50% of the time.
2- Similarly, the editor always crashes if it is running when my laptop is awoken from sleep.
3- The editor doesn't follow a lot of standard Windows conventions, particularly related to text editing, such as:
3a- Pressing the End or Home keys moves the cursor to the end or beginning of the script, not the end or beginning of the current line. Ctrl-End/Home should move to the end or start of the document (script).
3b- Pg Down and Pg Up don't work in the script editor.
3c- Tabbing out of a field should always move focus to the next logical field. It never does this that I can tell. You have to click in the next field to move focus.
3d- The editor does not remember settings from one run to the next. Every time I open it, I need to re-enter the Library location, and resize the left, right, and bottom panels. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it made no difference.
3e- Min/Max/Restore buttons are tiny, and in the upper left instead of upper right. Not a dealbreaker, but every time I want to close the app, I instinctively move the mouse to the upper right only to realize I need to go to the upper left.
4- The script editor really should highlight where a syntax error is, instead of just coloring everything red. If the parser knows there is an error, it shouldn't be that hard to report what that error is, even if it's just in a status message somewhere.
5- The script editor is really difficult to work in for anything but trivial scripts, as it makes no attempt to intelligently format code. I know its not Visual Studio, but a little formatting help, such as automatically indenting code in a block, would be very helpful. Some kind of Intellisense would be even better. The editor obviously understands valid and invalid symbols, so the only thing missing is autocomplete.
6- Ctrl-Z works to undo changes in most of the app, but not in the script editor.

There are some other niggles, but I will leave it at this for now. If the above items were to get fixed, I would be in Lemur heaven!

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