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  • OSC Madmapper

    Hello guys, I am having hard time to get Madmapper and Lemur working together through OSC and there is actu...

    1 Community Answer Nov 02, 2018 10:23PM CET
  • How to connect multiple iOS devices in Lemur Daemon

    Hi! Years ago I was able to connect an iPad and an iPhone each running Lemur and control Ableton. I seem to ha...

    0 Community Answers Oct 27, 2018 09:51PM CEST
  • Can iPad hardware-connect Windows 10 with camera kit???

    I just came from Touch OSC. Touch OSC can make iPad hardware-connect to Windows 10 with camera kit. But I ca...

    0 Community Answers Oct 23, 2018 09:45AM CEST
  • lemur only receives

    Hello, after having spent many hours trying to have lemur work with Reaper on mac I could only acheve to ha...

    1 Community Answer Sep 12, 2018 09:17AM CEST
  • Connecing lemur on ipad to laptop via wifi

    Hi, I have the latest version of Windows 10 on my laptop and lemur on my ipad. I also have loopbe30 installed...

    1 Community Answer Sep 03, 2018 06:32PM CEST
  • Ipad pro and Windows connectivity

    A pair of Questions: I'm concerned about the connection between the Ipad Pro and Windows 10 on pc. Are t...

    0 Community Answers Aug 19, 2018 08:50PM CEST
  • Daemon Mac Sierra not saving settings

    @Liine support can you please tell us if Lemur is dead or alive ? Daemon is not saving any setting on Sierr...

    0 Community Answers Aug 15, 2018 09:44PM CEST
  • Daemon connections disappear !

    Hi. I update my pc to W10. Lemur was working correctly with W7. I use a tablet via wifi and loopmidi. Wh...

    1 Community Answer Aug 02, 2018 05:31PM CEST
  • Connecting 2 devices to USB midi Dameon inputs and outputs instead of ...

    Alright, so I’m trying to use 2 iPads I have as a unified polychromatic keyboard so I want there to be as litt...

    0 Community Answers Jul 21, 2018 06:05AM CEST
  • Lemur losing connection/Daemon issues

    Hey folks. Over the last week or so I've been having trouble using Lemur on my Mac in High Sierra. I&#x...

    4 Community Answers Jun 22, 2018 12:58AM CEST
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