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Have anyone Svg2jzml convertor?

Vadim Nov 28, 2018 03:09PM CET

Hi guys.
The site D-Space Studios is sadly down. If anyone of you has their amazing converter svg to jzml? Can you send it to me please?

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Andy Dec 04, 2018 03:42AM CET
I would also be really interested in finding this amazing tool again...
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PsycHoWasP Jan 16, 2019 08:40PM CET
I have something like D-Space in the works atm.
But will take abit time before its rdy for public use.
But it wont be online on a homepage like space did, only offline use.
I will create a forum one of the next days, that will act as a new unofficial lemur forum, since it doesnt look like the old ones are coming back, and im tired of not having a place to share n get new information about lemur creation.
But until then heres a few “Spoilers”

Basicly what i managed to cook together as a solution for canvas is ...

i found a “Java app” that convert SVG files to a format java scripts can use..
And now its an more way easyer readable format that no longer looks alien.

From there i managed put a python script together that converts example “moveTo” commands to how lemur wants it to be..
Also it takes values like 47.5999 and round em to nearest whole values. In this case 48 to save space.
Because the big limitation atm is Lemur’s cap of 4000 letters pr script.
So using Floats (10.1 or 10.1234) as canvas point wont really make the drawing better looking or more detailed, vs whole numbers.
I know d-space took care of splitting it all into multi scripts and chain em together but..
im not planning on adding features like that.
Because i personaly moved to using programming apps like VSCode since it makes python like childs play. It also count how many letters+numbers the highlighted text is so its really easy just to manual split em into your seperate lemur scripts and just add the next script as a trigger in the end of the previous one.

But there another reason why VSCode.... welll like it made my python programming learning into childs play , guess what...
I managed to make it work with lemur coding 2. So after doing a few tricks + a few hours of adding the whole command lib from the Lemur PDF, i just threw the manuals away and last few days without having to remember a single lemur command or read em anywhere. Coding lemur has been like watching a movie in fast forward mode xD..

You just type “set” and setattribute(x,x,x) or setexpression(x,x,x).

Ofc u need to paste the script back into lemur own scripting window afterwards each time

But those 5-10 sec wasted on copy paste from lemur to vscode and back again, are like 5-10 sec vs the 5000 - 10000 years i felt i sometimes used reading manual or scrolling lemur own list..

So Liine if you are reading this 2.

i really wish lemur hat an “use external editor” button and then takes the code from lemur script creates an external temp file that opens in VSCode or Xcode or whatever app ppl prefer. (Just type the path of app in settings)
and then once done editing in the ext apl and want it back in lemur they just save the ext file, and press a refresh button in lemur editor to reload saved ext files back into scripts. ?

Cuzz even if VsCode cant debug the lemur code, then its have features for checking () [] {} and shows if u used one to much or missed one.. and it doesnt go ALL RED when u make a typo... and to be honest ever since VSCode i hardly have all red lemur code anymore.. almost bullet proof how it auto set up the lemur coding for you. In other words pure Magic vs buildin lemur editor ...

Thats it for now, and both VSCode tutorial and SVG to lemur canvas will be posted on the new forum i will create soon, once the svg tools is ready and more humain to use.

So check out either this post or a new created post within next week time for more info..
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PsycHoWasP Jan 20, 2019 09:31PM CET

Still working on setting it all up, so please be patient, but all is welcome to register in the mean time.

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