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receiving text via OSC to display on Lemur

david Feb 16, 2019 02:27AM CET

Hi :-)
I'm sure it must be asked a lot of times but I can't find the answer.

I want to receive a String (text) via OSC sent out by m4L.

F.i. I use the UDP upsend-object, set it to the IP of my IPad and port 8000.

The connection works, so that the lemur f.i. can receive a float-value for a fader. My issues now are..
1) .. Which Lemur-Obj to use? I cannot find anything which has a variable in the OSC-dropdown straight away.

2) To me, the most logical choice would be the "Text" object, right? But with the text-Object I can just choose the 'light'-variable in the dropdown or have I uverlooked something?

What I've done than is that I tried to write a script which is executed "On OSC". I simply set the path to "/Test". From within MAX I send a message like this "/Test 1" to the lemur.
In the Lemur script then I just wanted to make a check if the script is executed at all so I put this in the body:

setattribute(Text, 'color', 10); // Where Text ist the Object-Name of the textbox

There is no reaktion at all.

Now I'm stuck because I need some way of checking firsthand if the script is executed at all. What would be a way Logging or Debugging or something you'd recommend? there is the Monitor-Object but's just for Floats isn't it.

Sorry, this post is a little confusing. To sum-up I'd really happy to know:
1) How would you display text send by OSC to the Lemur?
2) How do you debug/Monitor while developing such things?

Thank you!


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david Feb 16, 2019 02:55AM CET
Ok - I got it - sorry answering to my own post :-)

Finally it was just a Object-hierarchy problem. the thing was, that the script was in default/ and the Text was in default/Text.

To address this Text, i had to send "/Text @content "Hello !!!" to the MAX' udpsend.

inside Lemur as a 'On OSC'execution of a multiline script i put the script below the Text-Instance. from there I could access it with 'setattribute(Text, 'content', 'new content');

So it was basically a path to object problem ;-)

p.s. I'm still curious how you make debug print outs. Do you use this Text-Object in conjunction with etattribute(Text, 'content', 'blabla');

Thank you!

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