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Serafin Sep 18, 2014 05:01AM CEST

when the update for ios8 arrives?

Cuando subiran la actualizacion para ios8 ?

29 Community Answers

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Liine Support Oct 17, 2014 11:29AM CEST

5.2.0 update released, includes iOS 8 fix and various improvements. Update the app on your device, then be sure to download the new Lemur Installer:

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Liine Support Sep 18, 2014 02:25PM CEST Liine Agent
We are pushing an update to Lemur (version 5.1) with a load of fixes, including iOS 8 support. Please wait before updating your device.
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Ryan O'Donnell Sep 19, 2014 02:04AM CEST
My ipad and iphone won't display any projects within the project list anymore. Is this a side effect of upgrading to iOS 8?

If so, is there an expected time by which the fix will be released? The reason I ask is because I rely on Lemur for live performance.

Thanks :)
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chris Sep 19, 2014 02:28AM CEST
Confirming that projects are not being listed after iOS8 upgrade. Looking forward to the update...
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Stuart Brown Sep 20, 2014 09:50PM CEST
Hi guys,

Can we please have a date for the ios8 update 5.1...

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Mehdi Sep 21, 2014 03:59PM CEST
Same here. Looking forward too...
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Kaliko Sep 24, 2014 12:56PM CEST
Help ! No projects in project settings with ios8 !

Forward tooooooo !
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Neil Rolnick Sep 25, 2014 02:29AM CEST
HELP!!! No projects are visible after installing iOS 8. I'm really screwed, with concerts coming up and no way to use my Lemur controllers!!!! Liine ... don't do this to me!!! When can we get a fix!!!
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Olland Tippin Sep 25, 2014 05:47AM CEST
I am having connection issues and layout not loading issues too. I sure hope this gets fixed soon. I want to play! ;-)
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Liine Support Sep 25, 2014 03:44PM CEST Liine Agent
iOS 8 breaks file system access with Lemur. We have already fixed this bug and submitted an update to the App Store, Lemur 5.1 should be available imminently.

In the meantime, there are a few workarounds to sending templates to the app.

Connect your iPad to your computer with the sync cable. Open iTunes, and go to your iPad / Apps section, then scroll down to File Sharing. You will see a list of apps that support file sharing, click on Lemur. Now you should see a list of saved templates on your device. You can drag and drop these to your computer.

You can also use Lemur Editor to edit templates and send them to the Lemur App. Lemur Editor is part of the Lemur Installer available here:
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Djcheepo Sep 26, 2014 11:27PM CEST
i also updated to iOS 8 and freaked out but I used a file explorer and found that all my lemur files r still saved the program simply can't access them for some reason.. But I was happy to see my files still there and I thought anyone with the same problem might like to hear that your work is safe..
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Doctor Shmenge Oct 01, 2014 03:35AM CEST
Still waiting on that imminent update.
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Liine Support Oct 01, 2014 03:46AM CEST Liine Agent
The update is submitted to the App Store, we are waiting for the review.
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Bryn John Oct 01, 2014 01:04PM CEST
Woo Hoo
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Vitor Nunes Oct 02, 2014 02:50PM CEST
For the delay of new version there is a blame, I do not know if it's Apple or Liine. I know is the iPad is paid and App Lemur also and only work on IOS. So everyday I see if there are already a update!
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Uwe Oct 04, 2014 11:10AM CEST
Why do App creators like Liine still sell their product if there is a known major issue that prevent the user from using the software?? I've a similar issue problem with a GPS software too, they charged me and I was never able to use it yet....
Very bad!
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JPower Oct 04, 2014 02:44PM CEST
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JPower Oct 04, 2014 02:53PM CEST
By the way, "File Sharing" in iTunes I've worked with this for years, still the projects do NOT appear in Lemur. iTunes shows that they are on the iOS device but no luck with the "load project" list on Lemur. ??
*waiting for app update*
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Liine Support Oct 04, 2014 06:05PM CEST Liine Agent
The update is still waiting for review.

"File Sharing" is useful to retrieve projects that you had previously saved on your device.

Use Lemur Editor to edit templates and send them to the Lemur App.
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Doctor Shmenge Oct 04, 2014 10:14PM CEST
Still waiting for review? How long does this process typically take? I've had at least 20 apps receive updates pushed via the App Store since you announced the update was "imminent." And these are not all from the "big dogs" who might pay a premium to Apple for faster throughput. Thankfully I can still load templates via the editor, but it is a PITA as I typically wouldn't set up a laptop at gigs. Sign me "disappointed."
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fatSoft Oct 06, 2014 09:50AM CEST
I too feel the frustration mainly because I kind of was relying on the usage of the app by the end f this week and also from a developer side.

I have no knowledge about the working procedure with Apple and their review-board (I can only guess they are having serious back-logs at the moment), but form other systems I have been collaborating with the supplier of a platform (in this case Apple) will send out a beta to the developers so they won't be stranded like this without no heads-up and without means of debugging a system before the next OS-update.

I appreciate the effort of releasing an update for Lemur with more and better functionality and I just hope it is Apple who is to blame here for being sluggish and not an attempt of trying to stall for last minutes changes, because from my point of view it is always better to be honest and tell the truth; I can live with that bug-fixing and those hard-to-fix issues takes a lot of time (heavens, I know ;) ) but the limbo of not knowing it's not so fun.

That said: I love Lemur and what I can use it for and where it has gotten over all these years! Keep me coming ;)
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Liine Support Oct 06, 2014 04:12PM CEST Liine Agent
Despite what you might have heard, it is not possible for developers to pay to accelerate the review process. We're doing absolutely everything in our power to get the update out to our users as fast as possible. Sorry it's taking this time.
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Franco Solerio Oct 08, 2014 06:24PM CEST
You can request an "expedited review" process in iTunes Connect for bugs that make the app not usable or severely impact the user experience. -> Resources and Help -> Contact Us -> App Review -> Request Expedited Review
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Liine Support Oct 08, 2014 08:13PM CEST Liine Agent
The 5.1 update was rejected because of some new iCloud guidelines. We have fixed this and submitted 5.2. We have our fingers crossed for a fast review, apologies for the inconvenience.
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KC Oct 09, 2014 05:24PM CEST
For me, lesson learned , always back up projects to MacBook. I am not using it for live presentations YET. I feel the pain for those of you using your Lemur for live shows.
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KC Oct 09, 2014 05:28PM CEST
BTW-I love this software! Dreamed of owning Jazzmutant Lemur hardware for years. The cost does not warrant ANY ill comments.
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Doctor Shmenge Oct 14, 2014 08:03AM CEST
Let me guess... They kicked it back again?
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JPower Oct 14, 2014 04:42PM CEST
Still nothing? This must be a joke really, you buy software and it doesn't work for over a month!!! That's really bad. Gonna look into other systems meanwhile.
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Steven Kimball Oct 16, 2014 06:51PM CEST
I anticipate an update tomorrow since it took about one week from last update to rejection from Apple.

I am crossing my fingers, but am not getting myself all to worked up yet.
Only downside is that I am still using iOS 7.x because Liine asked not to update and I just really hope the wait is worthwhile.

Liine, cannot you, please, upload a list of bug fixes and changes in 5.1 so I have something extra to look forward to?
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Liine Support Best Answer Oct 17, 2014 11:29AM CEST Liine Agent
5.2.0 update released, includes iOS 8 fix and various improvements. Update the app on your device, then be sure to download the new Lemur Installer:

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